MIKARU - yesterday's live

As Mikaru said some days ago in his blog (and confirmed many times)
the live scheduled for the 13th September was not DIGRAS but just a SESSION BAND.
and Denka joined it on drums.

the name was:



mikaru & denka

takuma (Ba.)

about DIGRAS there will be some kind of news on the 22th October.
mikaru said it's still a secret!



as you already know

Mikaru, Ivy, Denka played together in a session band as opening act @ BrainStein's oneman last week.

the session band's name was:



Gu.G(the fool)
Gu. 速水(真剣組)


2.悲嘆~sink into grief~
3.Night Jassamine

I really hope they will come back soon with a new band!!! x(^0^)x


The Announcement about DIO's disbanding.

Dio will disband on March 13 this time.

After our formation on May 14, 2006, for 3 years and 8 months,  we think to have been able to do our music thanks to the fans who supported us and staff/all the people concerned.

We were allowed to study the wonderful things that open and cross the border and the language also by the fans who were looking forward to our live and music all over the world and obviously the Japanese fans, with a big presence for us.

And, we were supported very much by the existence of Japanese fans who were waiting also after our return from the overseas tour.

after finishing the European Tour in october we went in activity pause regularly, and we worked with the aim at a restarting but in the discussions done repeately between the members all together many times, we reached the conclusion that isn't the best way for us to restart as a new band, not as DIO?!

We are really sorry for the persons who were waiting for the revival of DIO.
However, We surely come back again to bring you a new music.

until that, it will take a little bit more time, but please wait!!!

And, on March 13 there will be the last oneman live as DIO.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could come to the hall.

Even if it will become at the end, thank you very much until now.

Dio member all together.


Sorry for my english! m(_ _)m